Sample Oral History Release and Donation Form

We’ve used a variant on this form for our oral history projects. Be sure to check with specific archives, as many have individualized forms they require for any donatiaons.


You are invited to participate in an oral history project of women who participated in World War II as WAVES as SPARs. You were selected as a possible participant in this study because of your military service. Your recorded interview and transcripts will be placed in the archives of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to be part of up to three audio and/or videotaped interviews about your experiences in the war and your life history.  Your participation will help to add to our understanding of American and Women’s history. By agreeing to participate in an interview, you agree to the release of your name and other identifying factors, such as the location of your military service.  

Your participation is voluntary. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw your consent and discontinue participation at any time without penalty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact (fill in here).

Your signature indicates that you have read and understand the information provided above, that you willingly agree to participate and have your interview placed in archives, that you may withdraw your consent at any time and discontinue participation without penalty, that you have received a copy of this form, and that you are not waiving any legal claims, rights or remedies.


Signature of Interviewee: ___________________________________________________________ Date______________________          

Name (printed):___________________________________________________________________________________________________




Signature of Interviewer: ___________________________________________________________ Date______________________          

Name (printed):___________________________________________________________________________________________________